Mist-shrouded mountain views during the monsoon are unforgettable. The high country is alive with blooming flowers and activity as people pasture their animals on the lush upper slopes. About 80 percent of the annual rainfall occurs during the monsoon season which lasts for four to five months. I flew to Nepal one month after the heavy earthquake struck at the beginning of april. My intention was to understand the effects of  negative mass media on tourism decisions and to support the people of Nepal. Almost anyone’s livelihood depends on the tourism industry and suffered the effects of the events although their area was not affected by the quake. Tourism sharply decreased by 90 percent for the whole year. Crisis management of Nepal’s government was all about attracting foreign money for maintenance and human aid. 8 months later the raised donations for reliefs of approx. 500 million USD (from NGOs and foreign governments) hasn’t arrived yet to the people in need. The best way to support is still “being there”.

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Click here to check out the whole gallery of Nepal