Hanoi is the perfect setting for Street Photography – Probably the most authentic heritage within Southeast Asia. Along with old cracked colonial buildings and hanging knots of electricity cables, Streetsellers covered with their nostalgic conical hats are the most iconic appearance. The majority of the outdoor salesforce lives in Hanois suburbs or the countryside. Early Morning they’re driving into town (mostly old quarter) to trade their goods for cash. Some stock up a variety of flowers from the local flower fair. They spend a good amount of time arranging the assortment to present it in an artistic way. What could be more obvious to capture the situation with a birds eye. I spent hours and hours on bridges and it took me some days to find the right spot. Depending on the colorful arrangement some streetseller are more promising than others. It’s quite frustrating if one turns all of a sudden into another lane instead of passing by underneath. The shutter on hyperspeed, continuous focus on, frame setting on continues – trial and failure.

The more the country develops, the more streetsellers will vanish. But, they still play a role. Streetsellers can be found anywhere, they offer a good and cheap alternative to supermarkets, local markets, and neighborhood stores. One Vietnamese friend once told me „They are poisoning us“. It’s well known, that boosting the fruit/ veggie production and the usage of tons of Chinese fertilizers isn’t a good base for healthy eating. Hence, many Hanoians trust the supermarkets more, they consider it as a safer choice. Some streetsellers are brining in their mobile kittchen to prepare food on the spot. Others offer loads of clothing or even haircuts. There is the coffee guy, flower an veggie ladies, the shoe-shine boy, a karaoke singer duo. Just this morning I witnessed an old lady pulling a huge mobile scale for instant weighing.

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