Vietnamese Street Ninjas – A Summer Tale

With the heatwaves peaking at around 30-40 degrees all over the globe, many seek out a nice spot for some decent tanning, thinking of a brownish skin color as the perfect summer gift — Not so much in Vietnam.

Where I come from, to refuge inside during a sunny weekend is considered a criminal offense — Having frankly more rainy, foggy or snowy days per year, you’re better off enjoying these sparse sun rays once they’re out. Well, in Asia, things appear to be slightly different. Skin whitening has a long history, dating back to antique times. A pale complexion was seen as noble and aristocratic – only those rich enough could afford staying indoors, while the farmers baked in the rice fields. Until to date, getting sun-kissed is not what Asians fancy, they will do all sort of things to shelter from UV. Funnily enough, “the paler, the better“ even shapes the summer street fashion.

Enjoy my “Vietnamese Street Ninjas – A Summer Tale” series, photographed in my current base Da Nang in Vietnam (where the beaches remain abandoned until 5 pm sharp when suddenly an entire nation rolls down to the shaded waters).