Death rituals of Toraja in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia

Torajas bizarre heritage – Ma’Nene – Gallery

Ma’Nene isn’t just about death, it is grand family affairs and an homage to love that goes beyond death. The rituals have nothing to do with madness – It’s the pride of an ethnicity. Although the photos might disturb an observer, it’s important to understand the background. I feel honored to have been part of something so unique, so uncomparable. Therefore, the memories I’ll take with me couldn’t be more diverse. It would be illusory to say that I’m completely capable to understand what I’ve been experiencing within the past days. To the modern world, this intimacy between the living and the dead may seem perverse. In contrast, abandoning the elders, the sheer number of retirement homes and outsourced tomb care including flower pouring service would shock the Torajans.

Check out the video to understand how Torajans take care of their ancestors or scroll down to see the image overview.

Want to understand more about the reason behind Ma’Nene? Check out the video-interview with Sulle Tosae. The image overview you’ll find further down.