Waterworld Kompong Luong

Kompong Luong – one of Cambodia’s small fishing villages on the infamous Tonle Sap Lake. Aftera meal provided from a boat lady I rowed through the brownish wateralleys to keep my promise and visit the floating vietnamese hairdresser (just to get the worst haircut I’ve ever had) – but hey, it’s a floating barber, how could I refuse? After being tortured by a razorblade on a stick I crossed to the other side to play pool with some local Khmer on a buoyant shed.

Five provinces circle the area of Tonle Sap Lake, more than three million people (mostly Khmer and Vietnamese) live around the bank of the Lake. Around 90% of them earn a living by catching fish or working in agriculture. The Lake is the largest fresh water in South East Asia. Its dimension changes depending on the monsoon and dry season.

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