My nomadic explorations over the past 7 years changed not only my life dramatically, but also the way I observe things. I’m convinced that photography is a universal language, perhaps the most seductive of all art forms, as it helps to exalt our world consciousness. As a wandering photojournalist I strive to reveal extraordinary topics about the transition of Asian Culture & Society, which hopefully leads the way to more tolerance and in-depth understanding.

The Vision

With the colonial conquest of air and waters, Europe has spread ideas, merchandise, and people across the planet, transforming humanity at a fast pace. Most of the earth’s indigenous ethnicities nowadays, more than a third of a billion altogether, face the same crux — They either adopt an industrialised lifestyle or remain loyal to their traditions and disadvantaged in the contemporary world. Despite the fact that globalization has brought indisputable upgrades in education, health and prosperity, but by joining the modern world, aboriginal people usually trade livelihoods that are harmonised with their ecosystems for new ones that may destroy it, whilst their tribal identity melts into a uniformed national or even international one. For many youngsters, these circumstances make for a challenging choice. Labor as a self-taught artisan aka huntsman or an educated clerk? Participate in a barter or a cash economy? Believe in the ancestral tales or the ones broadcasted on TV and social media? Eventually, the sum of decisions of the remaining indigenous peoples will determine if humanity will evolve into an industrial monoculture, or (less likely) sustain individual traditions.

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Biography – Some words about the previous years

I’ve spent a third of my life in Switzerland – A country of paradoxes. The small valley I called my home nestled in front of a majestic mountain range surrounded by a big lake, meadows and forests, green in summer and golden by autumn. Tranquil life. But even in my younger years, I felt an untamable desire to break away from a society which despite the high degree of comfort routinely complains about all matters. No doubt, there must be so much more outside this illusive oasis. These thoughts kept me awake. Around 2014 I had been saving up enough liberty money to leave for the unknown.

After roaming half a year through the marvelous nature of South of Latin America I’ve reached the United States. Thousands of Miles, an infinite number of National Parks and expensive lodging forced my decision to buy a rusty, roaring monster on wheels. It carried me from Westcoast to Eastcoast and back to Westcoast trustingly. After enjoying wintertime in the area of Vancouver I changed snowboard against surfboard and flew to Hawaii for some Aloha spirit. Cherry blossoms were already blooming when I arrived in Japan. After a quick visit to South Korea I was keen to explore China’s rural Southwest. Weird Hindustan was next until the earthquake struck Nepal – I decided to fly over to take a look behind the scenes of a very corrupted government. After some time back in India I’ve spent four months in newly democratic Myanmar until I got deported in case of illegal boat ownership and expired visa. Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia kept me excited for another two years. It was the right time to do something stupid again, so I’ve tried crossing East Timor on a pony’s back. Eventually, I felt well-travelled enough to stroll through Papua New Guinea’s hinterland alone. Heavy Malaria and some mind-blowing stories later I found myself on sabbatical in the Philippines before heading on to Taiwan to tackle a project which, again, had pushed me to my limits.

Any sort of exploration will almost certainly raise one’s consciousness of the world we share. But even if I enjoy being on the road all the time I strongly believe that the most amazing journey one can set off for is self-discovery and self-creation. I became what I’ve always strived to be – A nomadic storyteller following its passion. I am fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with inspiring people. From my new base in Southeast Asia I’m planning ongoing photography adventures.

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  • 13 years of solid marketing & sales experience – understanding the elements of business processes within communication campaigns and editorial publishing
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  • practical knowledge about digital editing, webdesign, social media, graphics and print production

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