Some words about myself

I spent the last third of my life in a place called Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. The small and cozy town nestled in front of a majestic mountain range surrounded by a big lake, meadows and forests. Green in summer and golden by autumn. Tranquil life. Not much to complain about. But even in my younger years, I felt a desire to break away. No doubt, there must be so much more outside that small oasis. These thoughts kept me awake. Around five years ago I had been saving up enough liberty money to leave for the unknown. – So far I don’t regret.

I broke into the rough South of Latin America and made my way up to the United States. Thousands of Miles, an infinite number of national parks and expensive lodging forced my decision to buy a rusty, roaring monster on wheels. It carried me from Westcoast to Eastcoast and back to Westcoast trustingly. After enjoying some wintertime in the area of Vancouver I changed snowboard against surfboard and flew to Hawaii for some Aloha spirit. Cherry blossoms were already blooming when I arrived in Japan. After a short visit in South Korea I was keen to travel China’s rural west. Weird India was next until the earthquake struck Nepal – I decided to fly there to support tourism. After some time back in India I spent four months in my beloved Myanmar until I got deported in case of illegal boat ownership and expired visa. From my new temporary base “Southeast Asia”, I plan upcoming travels and photography adventures.

Any sort of exploration will almost certainly raise one’s consciousness of the world we share. But even if I enjoy beeing on the road all the time I strongly believe that the most amazing journey one can set off for is self-discovery and self-creation.

So here I am, on the outside – A digital nomad following its passion.

My services

  • marketing & sales experience – understanding the elements of business processes within communication campaigns
  • a good grasp of color, lighting and composition
  • knowledge of digital editing, webdesing, social media, graphics and print
  • custom photographs that will set you and your customers apart from the rest
  • Researched history combined with travel experience stories

My work should speak for me, if you would like to support my effort to deliver the best content, let’s talk now!

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