Bangkok airplane graveyard

Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

Welcome to Bangkok’s airplane graveyard, where a massive wreck of a Boeing 747 covers most of the yard. Furthermore, there are two McDonnell Douglas MD-82s which have been left to rot. Many of their parts are taken to be either reused or sold. There are some poor Thai families living in a small shed next to the wrecks and act as gatekeepers. Visitors usually have to pay them an entrance fee of 4 USD to receive access to the yard. I decided to go there around sunset time, to catch a better light and shadow composite. When approaching the gate, the family conquering the sight there told me to come back the next day. Since the increasing popularity among urban explorers or BKK visitors who are templed out, the one hours’ visiting time, as well as the admission fee is just a logical consequence. So I circled the yard to find a hidden way in. For me, illegal admittance plays a certain role in urban exploring. Even though, it’s not a big deal to pretend one doesn’t know about the rules, I could explore the sight by myself with a bit of an adrenalin rush.

Images have been taken March, 2017. Bangkok City, close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Travel Tip: The place can be found in Ramkhamhaeng, a neighborhood in eastern Bangkok. Best is to go there by boat ferry. Hop out at Wat Si Bun Ruang, the last stop on the ferry’s route