If coming to Yunnan, this agricultural beauty shouldn’t be missed. Especially, since Dongchuan Red Land is only a 3-4 hours bus ride away from Kunming. Although, internationally unnoticed, the pristine area slowly gets uncovered among Chinese travelers, for a reason – as it is simply mind-boggling. The colorful fields of the mountain valley can easily compete with the world’s most striking and distinctive human-made terrains in Yuanyang. Until now, the few visitors who venture out here will face an almost non-existent infrastructure. This will probably change quite soon, and Dong Chuan Red lands might become one of the main attractions in Yunnan province. However, after reaching the sleepy town of Xintian, 40km southwest of Kunming City, it couldn’t be easier to hire a driver who will get you to the most beautiful viewpoints. Even though, maneuvering through the gravel roads is already an adventure, organized trekking is a great alternative to explore the jaw-dropping landscape at a slower pace.

Gazing at the flashy red land, green white potato flowers, golden wheat and corn, blue sky and cumulus clouds, you might feel like you’re walking through a painting from Van Gogh. The extraordinary scenery can hardly be described by words, Dongchuan Red Land has to be seen with eyes. Especially after the rainy season from May to June, the farmland reveals its dreamy earth tones.

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