Taiwan - Taoyuan - Healing Session with spirit medium Nana Chen alias Ji Gong Shi-Fu

Nana Chen, the upbeat Taipei girl and ex makeup-artist. Her followers describe her as a gift from the gods – she is the Chosen One. Although there are thousands of oracles in Taiwan, working as taxi drivers, junk dealer, or bubble tea makers, Nana Chen may be the only clear-minded young lady embodying a rude Chinese folk hero. Everyone attending Ji-Gong’s event has an issue, and it goes beyond the understanding of modern medicine. Nana can’t assist them by herself; only once she has transformed into her master, she is enlightened enough to see the invisible. Nana acts as the negotiator, solving earthly issues with godly advice, and her followers trust that an occult hint every now and then, can’t hurt. Only a few Buddhist or Taoist temples don’t offer such a service, so they feel privileged to have a master like Ji Gong Shi-Fu right in their neighborhood. For many, it’s a lifelong task to find the right spiritual leader, as there’s a rich variety to choose from. Amongst the attendees are all sort of ordinary people, from elderly to youngsters, male and female alike, a worried mother brought her child which apparently can see the former house owner (who passed away long time ago). Others reach out to Ji Gong to bemoan their neck pain, believing in the common Oriental myth for carrying an unwanted spirit on your shoulders. Some have a stomach ache or feel unease with all matters. Ji Gong Shi-Fu’s treatment varies accordingly but often includes fumigation with incense smoke and wise words coming from the beyond. At times, barging into the patient seems to help, too. In front of the shrine, an incineration oven is busy eating up joss paper, meant to compensate for the spiritual healing, thus to pay tribute to the gods. With the healing session coming to a closure, everyone aims to get their car blessed from Ji Gong, so to prevent accidents in the future.